Swift Hinduism

The Basics of Hinduism
in 30 minutes

2. Two Realms of Existence

According to Hindu scriptures, entire existence is divided into two parts:

  • The Material World, which includes everything in nature as we know it, right from the smallest atoms, to the largest mountains, the planets, the stars, the entire cosmos, all galaxies and universes.
  • The Spiritual World, which cannot be seen or felt with our current material senses. This Spiritual World is much, much larger than the Material World.

The Material World is comprised of the heavenly planets, earth, and the hellish planets.

When we die, the Paramatma/God in our Soul assigns us to a new body, according to the actions which we have accumulated in our Karma account.

If we have accumulated good Karma (through good actions) in our Karma account, we will be assigned a body on one of the heavenly planets.

For bad Karma we will be assigned a body on one of the hellish planets.

Even this new body, assigned on either a heavenly planet or a hellish planet, is mortal. It is not like the eternal heaven or the eternal fires of hell, like in other religions.

So, after another lifetime in heaven, we will eventually die. Then the Karma account kicks in again. The Paramatma/God assigns us to yet another body, according to the new Karma we have accumulated in this heavenly birth. Thus, if we have accumulated bad Karma in heaven, then we will be assigned a body back on earth or even to Hell.

In this way, our Soul is caught in the cycle of life and death and rebirth. Changing bodies again and again. Transported between Heaven, Earth, and Hell. Assigned different bodies on these planets on subsequent births.