Swift Hinduism

The Basics of Hinduism
in 30 minutes

7. The Journey Home

All Souls are initially in the Spiritual World.

But, for some reason or another, some Souls fall into the Material World.

Why the Soul falls into the Material World from the Spiritual World, is explained as follows:

When the Soul is in the Spiritual World initially, the Soul is an enlightened being, knowing the presence of God.

According to Dvaita Philosophy, in the Spiritual World the Soul knows and interacts with God in personal form.

In Advaita philosophy, the Soul is a part of God/Brahman experiencing Sat (Truth), Chit (Consciousness) and Anand (Bliss) in their purest form.

In both beliefs, the Soul residing in the Spiritual World accepts God's existence (in personal or impersonal form) and authority.

But at some point of time, false ego suddenly takes over the Soul, causing him to deny the existence/authority of God.

When this happens, the Soul seeks to distance itself from God. It desires to go away from the Spiritual World, and according to it's wishes, falls into the Material World. The Material World is made exactly for such Souls, who want to go away from God.

Once in the Material World, Maya/Karma/false ego takes over and binds the Soul. And he stays here till he acknowledges the existence and authority of God.

How does the Soul do this? How does he acknowledge the existence and authority of God?

By realizing the reality (as described throughout this book) and adopting a Path of Yoga, which frees him from the shackles of Karma and rids him of the false ego.

When this happens, the Soul is liberated, and returns to the Spiritual World.

The Material World is made with so many defects (and consequently, suffering) in comparison with the Spiritual World because it is meant to be the stick in a carrot-stick policy of God. The carrot is the blissful existence of the Spiritual World.

The two, taken together, serve as inducements for the lost Soul to return to His rightful abode (the Spiritual World) with the realization of God's existence and authority.