Swift Hinduism

The Basics of Hinduism
in 30 minutes

3. Creation-Annihilation

The Material World is annihilated after being in existence for "a thousand ages". Everything in the Material World, all life forms, all non-living entities, all planets, the entire universe gets destroyed at the end of that period.

It then stays destroyed for an equivalent "thousand ages".

After this period of non-existence, it is recreated, with all Souls, all life forms, all non-living entities, all planets, the universe getting recreated. The Karma from their earlier existence is carried forward in this new creation cycle.

So, the Material World is mortal. It dies every "thousand ages", and is reborn after another "thousand ages".

In this way, the creation-annihilation cycle of the Material World goes on and on.

The "thousand ages" period corresponds to millions of years. Thus the Material World remains existent for millions of years, and non-existent for millions of years.

In contrast, the Spiritual World is immortal. It is eternal. It does not undergo cyclic creation and annihilation like the Material World does.

The Spiritual World exists even when the Material World is annihilated.

The creation-annihilation of the Material World is controlled by God, manifested as the Hindu Holy Trinity of:

  • Brahma - The Creator of the Material World.
  • Vishnu - The Preserver of the Material World.
  • Shiva - The Destroyer of the Material World.

When in existence, the Material World is sustained by the female energies of the Hindu Holy Trinity, depicted by:

  • Saraswati - The Goddess of Knowledge/Arts.
  • Laxmi - The Goddess of Fortune/Beauty.
  • Shakti - The Goddess of Power.